Divine counterparts: differences between Soulmates & Twin flames

There are many types of Divine counterparts.

You may have heard of Soulmates, Twin flames, Twin Ray’s, and others.

Those connections are all brought in our life for a reason, helping us to get through our lifetime.  Many times to help teach us a lesson, and also to direct our lives to meet our divine partner and evolve spiritually.

Definition of Soulmates

There are many different types, but not all are the same. Each one can make an imprint in our life, helping us to learn more about ourselves and find our inner truth. 

You may have met more than one Soulmate in your lifetime, they can also be friends, family, and romantic lovers.

What is a karmic connection?

A Karmic connection and relationship happen when there’s unfinished business within ourselves. There is a karmic contract that we need to fulfill and released out of our lives, not necessarily that the karmic is brought to be a long life partnership. 

But many times a karmic may pop up in person, what they think is a life partner, and end up in a bitter negative divorce or separation.
Many people classify common connections as extremely negative or even toxic. They basically need to fill something inside themselves and are sent to each other to help them both do it to find their inner peace.

This is why it is not ideal to go searching for a specific divine counterpart. Following where you’re being led is the key to finding your divine partner.Soulmate lover
These romantic relationships are together for a specific reason. 
They sometimes can come into a person’s life very intensely and almost like an affair, or they can enter back in and then separate, then come back later for a deep romantic relationship.

The Lion's gateway portal brings intense energy for divine counterparts, including all Soulmates & Twin flames. The opening started on 7/26 and will continue to intensify and peak on 8/8 and complete on 8/12. The Lion's gateway will trigger the Soul's core. As it activates the energy deep inside to a higher level with intense emotions and purging energy, this can put a lot of pressure on divine counterparts that are apart and separated. What exactly is a Lion's gateway portal? It happens on August 8th every year and continues until August 12th. The Lion's gateway opens up in the Sun of Leo, as the Sirius star comes closer to Earth in full spiritual alignment. The Earth is in alignment with the lyrical center of the Universe. This allows very intense and powerful energies to accelerate spiritual awakenings, especially for Soulmates and Twin flames. Astrologers look forward to this exciting event. As it brings important energy to life along with energy shifts and new beginnings. In numerology, it revolves around the number 8. It’s a very powerful manifestation number that brings authority, money, and abundance with love. This will also have an effect on all of us mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. The energy of these shifts can bring heightened bursts of emotions, negative and positive. It’s all for your highest good, especially for divine Soulmates and Twin flames. The energy can linger on beyond August and into September. Lion's gateway activation. Intense shadows are coming to the surface. It’s the best time to release and let go as healing will be amplified. This is important for people who are searching for love or trying to reconcile in a relationship. Healing and manifestation are happening during Lion's gateway. It’s a very vulnerable time for many. If you are sensitive and empathic, try to be very gentle with yourself and avoid focusing on what you may get triggered by others. This is a time that you may notice increased anxiety, trouble sleeping, irritability, and deep emotions coming to the surface. This can also trigger physical ailments as well. Many can feel aches and pains in the joints and sometimes migraines. It’s best not to do anything vigorous or straining during Lion's gateway portal. Check with your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms to rule out anything serious. Taking things down, notch, and resting are ideal during this time. People from your past resurfacing. Someone who you haven’t heard or seen in years may enter your life, along with reconciling with your ex. You may be feeling the energy from others a lot stronger and almost as if you are reading their mind. There can be intense and vivid dreams, along with nightmares. This is an excellent time to observe messages from your higher self. It’s ideal to meditate and to tune into what messages you may be picking up. They may not be physical but come in as feelings or sensations. They can be interpreted by your own voice in your mind. Try to pay attention and write down these messages as they come to you. Challenging times for relationships When Divine counterparts go through challenges, emotional wounds can be surfacing, bringing up excess baggage, and opening up energies that may have not been completely healed. This is not all bad. Actually this is helping divine counterparts deal with their negativity and anything that no longer serves a purpose to be released and spiritually healed. Psychic energies are amplified as you are feeling the energy shifts. Your spiritual gifts will be heightened, so this is an ideal time to develop your spiritual abilities by giving and receiving psychic readings along with meditation. By turning toward your higher-self and finding out what it has in store for you, you will feel uplifted and enlightened. This is an excellent time to embrace nature and the energy surrounding it. One free question -

Companion Soulmates come together many times as a life partner.

This is very common when Twin flames are not able to coordinate together or not ready to come into divine union. The companion Soulmate is different from Twin flames. But part of the Soul connection collective.
Companion soulmates can be of extreme energy, just as strong as you would feel with the Twin flames.  

Twin flames or Twin rays?

Twin flames are a very unique Soul connection. They feel unconditional love for one another just as Twin rays. 
Twin flame come together in more than one lifetime before settling into Union. 
They have an intense love for one another. It can be negative or positive, but they can feel one another and reach the 5D level. 

Many times there is a separation that has to happen, and this can go on for years, unfortunately.

But they must be ready before they can connect and reach one another.
It can be negative or positive, but they can feel one another at a higher 5G level. 
Twin flames can go through a lot of chaos before they do find each other, separation included. When they are ready, they can find total bliss and serenity with one another.
The twin ray is just as strong.

They enter into a lifetime when the Twin flame is preoccupied or not ready. Mainly because of the timing of their incarnation.

The Twin ray is very similar to the Twin flame and even compatible Soulmate.
The universe has a plan for Twin flames entering this world and coming into Union.

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