About Ann


Psychic Ann Elizabeth

I’m the spiritual sign of Scorpio (psychic and spiritual sign of the zodiac)

I always was interested in spirituality, and understood when I was 10, that I was able to feel the energy (empath) in my family and able to see events before they would happen. I inherited my psychic gift from my mom, she is also a third-generation psychic.


My psychic and spiritual abilities consists angelic spirit guides providing for the most in-depth reading sessions focusing on spirituality, Soulmate, twin flame and psychic energies.

Psychic session with me, I will be able to see the situation more clearly with visions of the circumstances that are about to happen and how to avoid any obstacles that may be in your path.

With my psychic ability I can read and feel spiritual energy at a very fast pace, I do hear the messages coming from my spirit guides, and then translate them to you within the reading.

Remember time frames are never exact, and no one can be 100% accurate, I don’t usually get them because of free will and the power to choose and make our decisions within our lives.

Sometimes we meet people without explanation, but when you meet someone that has some type of life lesson, It’s a good time to understand if you actually share a soulmate connection.

With my clairvoyant ability and spiritual guidance I can help you understand and uncover the true power within your current or previous relationship, also if there is something you should be prepared for in the future.

With my spiritual guidance I will tell you if the time is come to walk away from a relationship or if it is worth pursuing or more in the future.
Overall helping you to find your true path with your love relationship and the outcome of the situation.

My psychic abilities specialties and spiritual gifts include:

  1. clairvoynace
  2. Love relationships
  3. Soulmates
  4. Twin Flame connections
  5. Past life
  6. Spiritual healings
  7. Meditations
  8. Reiki healings
  9. Long distance healing
  10. Aura Balancing
  11. Chakra cleansing
  12. Metaphysics

Please note that I am a spiritualist, soulmate and twin flame specialist. Questions about health, financial, legal are not my specialties. It’s best to consult a professional about any of these types of questions. Also please read my disclaimer to understand before receiving any of my services.

Please be advise that you need to have a neutral and open mind before you are psychic reading session. Sometimes the truth is not what you expect to hear and as I read and feel the psychic energy, I will tell you exactly the way I pick it up from my guides and the best path to pronounce negativity and avoid obstacles also knowing the consequences that might be in store.

I’m not responsible for any events that may occur. I’m human and can only guide you spiritually. I cannot make the decision for you, it’s up to you to make your choices.

I am a gifted clairvoyant, Angle and Tarot card master. I’ve devoted my life to help others with my gifts. If there is something negative I try my best to help with a very compassionate and down to earth approach.
I don’t discriminate against any situation in life, I feel that we are all one and searching for the same higher level. I am open to the public.

I went through many difficult challenges in my life you can about my story and how I connected with my twin flame.

I’m available for online psychic sessions and Readings including Phone, chat, text and email readings.


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