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1. Psychic Express  Reading- $12.50

One question – 3 card spread

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2. Mini Psychic Oracle Reading – $30.00

Get details of your current situation – Finding truth and clarity of events and future outcome. 4 card oracle spread  (Up to 3 questions)

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3. Psychic Tarot Reading $40.00

Provides information with current situation plus what expect and what to do avoid and change obstacles that may be ahead. 6 card spread (up to 4 questions)

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4. Psychic Oracle Reading $60.00

Get answers with current situation from the spirit guides and Angel messages. 8 card spread (up to 6 questions)

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5. Soulmate Oracle love Reading $80.00

Love & Relationship reading clarity in relationship issues.
Provides spiritual guidance and outcome.
10 card spread (Up to 8 questions)

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6. Spiritual Energy & Love Reading – $90

Explore spiritual growth and energy balancing through the use of Tarot tuning into your Spirit Guides, more clarity concerning important life & Relationship decisions.  Tarot 12 card spread & spiritual channeling (Up to 10 questions).

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7. Soulmate Relationship and Psychic Energy – $125.00 

Energy Aura reading on Soulmates, Twin flames. Using Angel and oracle cards to get messages with your current situation and determining the outcome of the situation.  determining the type of Soulmate connection and the outcome of your relationship.  Oracle, Tarot and Angel cards 14 cards, Crystals, Energy aura and Clairvoyance (Up to 13 questions).

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8. Complete Love, Soulmate and Twin flames – $150.00 

Most in-depth accurate read on love & Soul mates. Channeling through to Spirit Guides  determining the type of Soulmate connection and the outcome of your relationship. (Include Photo if available)  Tarot 16 card spread, Crystals, Energy aura, Astrology & Clairvoyance (Up to 16 questions).

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