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Full Moon Eclipse affecting Soulmates & Twin flames

The Full Moon lunar eclipse is a very powerful Moon and is on June 5, 2020.  The effects of the full moon eclipse can be felt 3 days prior and 3 days after it occurs.

Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse will have a very big impact on all Divine Partners (Soulmates & Twin flames). Each month, we have a full moon and we can all feel the energy, this being a super blood moon makes it much more powerful. It is accompanied with a total lunar eclipse that makes it even more intense when it comes to your love life. Affecting Soulmates and Twin flames in a very deep and emotional way, there will be even a lingering energy that can go on for months similar to the one back in August 2017 (Total Solar Eclipse). Be prepared that your love relationship may be affected by it. There may be emotional upheaval along with disagreements that may cause temporary break ups. The full blood wolf moon total lunar eclipse will start on January 20, 2019 and reach its peak at 12:16 AM on January 21. This full blood moon in January will be the most powerful because of it being a super moon and blood moon eclipse. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see it in your area, it is still in the atmosphere. Whenever we have a very rare spiritual and Celestial event, we can feel the energy much more stronger as it creates huge ripples and waves in our love lives. Now with that being said, eclipses help release and purging emotional negativities. Whatever lessons and things that are brewing for you and around to the coming of an end. This can bring closure and restitution and help you find peace with your relationship. It’s important to pay attention to what is unfolding on a spiritual level, not just the physical or external area. 2018 was a time of releasing and a time of surrendering. This year is about New beginnings. Many of us went through a different shifts with letting go. This January super blood moon eclipse will help bring understanding with activating new energy that we all are going to work with throughout the year. Your senses will be elevated and heightened. You will feel a sense of letting go and releasing. The gateway is opening for love. The lunar eclipse can help Soulmates and Twin Flames come to Divine union as they reach a higher 5D level. But first as they must examine themselves, reflect on past negativities by releasing ego and dominance. Be very cautious when communicating with love ones that affect you emotionally; this is the time that can trigger off past wounds and emotional insecurities. With both super blood that flows in and lunar eclipse, there will be many different types of relationships that will be impacted. Not just romantic but with people in general. Remember the moon rules over the emotions. Expect the super blood moon that is paired with the lunar total eclipse to create emotional unbalances. Your emotions will be skyrocketing high and there may be some on your expected irruptions that may make you feel very off center. This is a very exciting time for love. Just be aware of all that with all new relationships. Lunar eclipse is best known to work out your unresolved issues and many times in painful ways. Many relationships can benefit from expressing their inner truth. The lunacy around this super blood moon total lunar eclipse on January 21 is going to create feelings of anxiety and uncertainty about the future of events when it comes to your love life. It’s advisable not to make any impulsive changes at this time. There may be a time where you feel that this is an opportunity but actually there’s another lesson waiting to be learned here. Avoiding investigating your boyfriend/girlfriend on social media. Yes it may be tempting, but there will be heightened energy with emotions. You might find things that may not seem what is on the surface and create emotional uproar for nothing. Avoid overreacting during the blood moon. Things may be going in many different directions with your love life and love relationships with family as well. You could feel like in an emotional roller coaster with the volcano ready to erupt. Eclipses are extremely emotional and supercharged! This full blood wolf moon eclipse is intense and may increase your sensitivity that will bring up heated emotions. As I mentioned in the past, old wounds may resurface and digging deeper to find answers. Remember that this is the time you can make positive changes in your life. You have an inner power and strength. Find your soul center and release the ego. This is where you need to find comfort, healing confidence, love and light. The time of inner knowing that you have the confidence to be who you are and live your inner truth with love and light. In order to get there, this is an excellent time to connect with your heart center by tuning into the intuitive voice of wisdom that is in your soul center. The super blood wolf moon eclipse is a beautiful and special celestial spiritual event that is going to shape the direction of the energy ahead. It’s advisable to just get more in tune with spirituality, focus on yourself by surrendering and joying the universal light. Because this is a very intense eclipse and the energy may linger on for a few months, just try to take it slow and focus on meditating each day to get past any anxiety or emotional surge of energy. It’s a very good time to charge your crystals, along with spiritual meditation. Psychic energies will be heightened so now is the best time to give or get a reading. An excellent time for Reiki healings and Crystal cleansings. This is a great time to spend meditating with a white candle and aligning your chakras. Do you have a question? Get One free question (one per person to be fair) for a limited time only. Fill out the form below.

The energy of a Full moon Elclipse is intense and amplifies higher vibrations down into the earth, accelerating emotional and Soul connections (Soulmates, Twin flames, Karmic, and Twin rays).

The eclipse full moon energy can be disorientating, as many of us can feel very scattered in a sense and feeling like something is about to happen. Things get very chaotic and sometimes become erratic but it is also about keeping us grounded and moving forward. Release and surrender anything that no longer serves a purpose, especially if it has to do with a love relationship that has been on the rocks. Many times, it’s time to reevaluate the situation and start over. Not necessarily ending but putting attention out for future changes. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in alignment. The energy ignites and stirs up emotions causing people to speak up and get to the point.


The energy is ramped up and is very intense when it comes to relationships. This is an opportunity to let go of emotional conflict, grow, and upgrade to a higher level.

It’s important to make time for yourself for reflection, releasing, and eliminating what’s not worth it keeping. It is extremely important as this intense full moon eclipse sets in to focus on spirituality. Every month, a full moon brings extreme energy that we can get very scattered and emotional. It can take a lot out of us as we are ultimately preparing for something new to occur.

The leap year 2020 is a very spiritual time. As we are in the psychic sign of Pisces and Mercury retrograde being also in Pisces, there is a lot of spiritual and psychic energy happening in our atmosphere. Especially for divine partners that include Soulmates and Twin flames. Leap years have been a fascinating time for people for many centuries. There are, in many cultures, considered as a lucky omen and a positive year for love. This year February 29th, 2020 has the energy in high gear. You may be feeling a more intense and high vibrational time since the beginning of this year. What does leap year mean for Love relationships? In numerology, it’s best to understand the date and the energy and meaning behind them. The leap year is on February 29th, which represents number two and February is the second month of the year. This forms the number 11, for example, 2+9 = 11, as these numbers have different types of energy. Do you understand it better? The number 11 is a very sacred number for Twin flames. The number 11 actually resonates with Spiritual enlightenment and awakening to spiritual growth. the Leap year is actually a transitional time for releasing negativity and any emotional upsets. Especially being in Mercury retrograde, it’s ideal to let go and release old past wounds in order to make room for new beginnings and open the door for love to manifest in our lives. The numbers 1111 represent spiritual visions, new energy with love, and some very sensitive time for Twin flames. Being in the psychic sign of the zodiac Pisces. This is a very high vibrational time or energy to be picked up psychically and energetically. This is an ideal time to get or receive a psychic reading, crystal healing, and Reiki treatment. The number two represents relation, love, and partnerships. It is about bringing on the energy with faith and trust, keeping everything in perfect harmony and a true balance, as the love blossoms. Now that you know more about the numerology and spiritual meaning of February 29th, you understand the higher energy vibrations that the leap year brings. This will help us all to evolve spiritually and awaken. This will also wake up energies when it comes to love and emotions. Be very cautious about deep conversations with love ones, especially with your divine counterpart (your person). Overall and in conclusion with this year February 29th, 2020, it is a very lucky year. An excellent time to get more in tune with your spirituality and heighten your intuition.

This is an excellent time to Practice self-care with meditation.

getting out in nature, and embracing the trees and all that nature has to offer. Taking care of your body with detoxing and replenishment with healthy foods and plenty of water. Anything that makes your vibration higher, during this time is recommended. You have the power within you, use the full moon eclipse to benefit you as you are letting go of the negativity that has been pulling your vibration down. The full moon in Sagittarius will empower you to stay on this path. Be mindful of your communication if something or someone is agitating you. As we are in the astrological sign Gemini, with the full moon in Sagittarius can amplify our energy to speak our truth and many times say things that we may regret when it comes to an emotional or soul connection relationship.


twin flame cord cutting 2


Many times things are not what they seem on the surface, causing us to turn into alchemists as we transmute the energies.

Try to focus on yourself as you set out intentions and release all toxic dysfunctional behavior patterns that you may be holding onto. Tune in to your spiritual inner world as you reflect and come back into perfect alignment with your Soul center. tarot-2114403_1920

Also the best time for meditation, charging your crystals also to get a psychic or spiritual reading during any full moon.

Embrace the full moon in Sagittarius and doing what you love and going with the flow. This is the best time to get back to the heart of things in your life. As this moon opens up your inner truth to positivity and creates higher vibrations within ourselves, there are many energy shifts and signs showing us what we need to work on for empowering ourselves. Creating a spiritual portal for Soul connections and Spiritual love. The full moon is about reflection, an excellent time to chill over the weekend with meditation outdoors, sage cleansing, lighting a white candle and aligning your chakras with crystals.    For a limited time, I’m offering one free question. This is one per person (just to be fair).


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