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Full Moon Solstice brings intense energy for Soulmates & Twin flames

Full moon (in Gemini) will always have an effect on everyone in some type of way.

The Full moon in Gemini represents the Energy with the solstice. It will happen on December 18, 2021.

Psychic and spiritual energy is amplified. It will especially have a great impact and powerful influence on Soulmates and Twin flames.

Keeping in mind that this is a time to release any emotional baggage or feelings of fear and stress that you may have accumulated. In return to inviting new beginnings and changes, you must release and let go in order to start over.

A new moon represents setting intentions and a full moon represents releasing. Keeping the lunar cycle will help amplify Soul connections and understand the energies that accompany these dynamic relationships. 

The full moon is a time to clear away past negativities and focus on positivity.

This is the last , it’s an excellent time to start planting your seeds and set new goals for 2022.

This full moon is packed with opportunities and changes.
In a divine counterpart relationship, it can be an extremely intense feeling, as the energy is much higher than in any other type of Soul connection. This includes Soulmates and Twin flames.

Being aware that many relationships and romantic couples go through a very intense cycle during this time. It’s time to let go of certain negativity. This many times can awaken past old wounds that need to be healed.

During this time it’s best to avoid any deep discussions that can lead to an argument with somebody close to you. Reflecting more on the current area that may need your attention instead of digging deep into something from the past.

The full moon is a very emotional moon that can bring a feeling of sadness along with intensity with happiness all at the same time. You may also experience a feeling that your moods change. Being aware that you can be triggered and stirred up what’s the smallest thing. Being mindful with your friends and family is the key.

Seeking spiritual guidance with a psychic reading or energy healing can help learn the truth and understanding of life situations. Also, the ideal time to meditate in prayer with letting go and using a quartz crystal.

During a full moon, always give gratitude in order to ignite a higher vibration frequency into your life, loving yourself and everyone close to you.

Always know that you have so much love to give and receive. Always focus on the positive as you release and surrender during a full moon.

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