How to tell if you are in a divine soulmate relationship and when?

The first ascension feeling that you feel is an energy shift bringing your vibration higher into a 5G level. You will feel an overload and overwhelming energy come through you, almost as is it was a strong magnetic pull coming from that person. For some it may happen at the very beginning and others a little while after the relationship. When there is an ego-based energy, it is very difficult to recognize that person especially if you have been hurt before and blocking yourself from love. There are many different types of signs to define The divine soulmate Energy relationship.  This is often called the divine union or soul union. When twin flames first meet, they know deep inside of this relationship is more than what is on the surface. When you first meet your divine soulmate it will happens when you’re not expecting it. This connection came at a time when when it wasn’t the right time and you’re not prepared. When you first meet your twin flame, you feel as it you know that person forever and have a long history together though you have never met them before. This is because there was flashes coming from previous life experiences that share with your divine soulmate or twin flame, This can happen with any of the Soulmates in the soul connection group. At first it may feel as if everything is perfect and then out of the blue when they least expect it, there’s either negativity or separation that creating Heartache and emotional pain.  The divine soulmate love is the highest energy of love that we can ever find, because our authentic soul is united with our other half, making us complete. Although we do have more than one and there are many that is meant to help us grow and evolve spiritually. The purpose of the divine soulmate Twin flame? We begin to learn about unconditional love is when we meet our divine partner. There will be a magnetic energy feeling that hold you both to one another ascending to a higher vibration of 5D. It is not easy to reunite with your soulmate or twin flame. There is so much work that needs to be done prior to the divine union. Sometimes these difficulties and challenges are necessary in order to get things right so they can Live in harmony. It’s never an easy relationship when it comes to the twin flame connection, as many of you know twin flames can go challanges and difficulites with unting, sometimes years before they come to the divine union. Coming to a spiritual awakening with your divine soulmate is the first step. You first will recognize who that person is and understand that there is so much more between you two that you have not acknowledged before. When twin flames are not ready to come to divine union, they will be energetically preparing for the divine union. There will be signs and numbers that will come through and they may be unexplained. This  happens with all Soulmates, twin flames, twin soul, twin Ray or past life Energy connection. They are all part of the Soulmate group. Many times there is a life lesson that needs to be learned and not everyone is meant for like partnership with a particular soulmate or soul bond energy. We are sent soulmates overtime in order to help us grow spiritually to find an online our souls center. Leading us to the divine soul partner. First step is to learn to love yourself discovering who you are and the only way to do this is look inside your heart. This is going to draw a higher frequency vibration in your energy level that will attract your divine soulmate and manifesting the connection into your life.  

Full Moon: Manifesting Soulmate Twin Flames Energy

The full moon amplifies the energy, especially a blue moon this is because having two full moons in one month.

It can intensify any emotional energy that is happening with love relationships, especially soul Connections, divine soulmates and twin flames, they will feel effects even stronger.

It’s been a very intense month and this moon it brings up stuff from our past. Combined with Mercury retrograde this full moon does it brings old past wounds that we may put away. Our emotions are off the charts and when it comes to our divine soulmate the full moon will bring us to do all kinds of intense emotional energy to the surface that we don’t even know why.

They are energetic shifts are happening right now actually along with Mercury retrograde.
I’ve talked about the retrograde in the past and you’ve heard about retrograde how it amplifies the energy with soulmates and twin flames, with the full moon it intensify and pressures the energy starts to come up we get very emotional. It’s important to not have any deep discussions with love ones and especially if you are involved in a love relationship.

The Bluemoon represents the Divine feminine and it’s a good time to release and surrender. It’s so bright and allows us to look into deeper parts of ourselves and we may not ordinarily be able to see.

So it’s a great time for forgiveness and for gratitude in any situation of the past. this is a time to work on yourself and especially on on forgiveness. This can be a very difficult time for soulmates and twin flames going through separation, you may be feeling a lot of pressure deep inside your soul center.

Over analyzing and trying to to find answers.

You maybe finding yourself asking the question  of “why does that happen to me?”, “why did he or she treat me like this?”, why did he do that to me?”.

This is very important now to stop and take out the “why” out of everything. Things happen for reason.

You have to remember that sometimes things happen and can be a trigger within yourself. This is part of the process, so you can release and let go so instead of asking the question “why?”.

Manifesting love through Full Moon healing.

The full moon along with mercury retrograde is the best time to manifest healing with your divine soulmate. As the moon influences the oceans and intensifies the energy, it also does a positive effect when it comes to relationships and love partnerships.

Especially that the full moon is going to be libra which signifies balance and harmony with love and partnerships. This is the best time to meditate and focus on letting go of past emotional negativities that you may still be holding onto. Release it and let it go, so that your energy can rejuvenate to a higher vibration.

Why Twin Soulmate Runner isn’t Awakened?

When Divine soulmates (Soulmates, Twin Flames, Soul Twin, Twin Ray and Karmic connections) meet face-to-face, their vibrations rise to a higher frequency. They are introduced to a new world of spiritual awareness and unconditional love. When the Divine union happens with your Soulmate or Twin flame, this prepares the energy to a higher level of union, that can never be broken and sometimes continue throughout many life times. Every soul connection can find one another and begin the merge process. But it’s the spiritual awakening that is necessary for healing that we need within inside ourselves. When we meet our Divine Partner, it activates the fear inside of us. Many things that we carry in us with our realizing, these old past wounds and are amplified through their initial meeting. Twin flames many times will awake at different times when they first meet. Some can carry a relationship (even marriage) for a while and still they may not be completely awakened. This will cause the unawakened to run and hide from their true self.  This is when the healing process must take place and the learning lessons begin for both divine soulmates find their strength and truth (awakening to 5D). The most interesting part with this process is that you actually gain awareness of your own soul center. And even if you tried to disconnect from this connection or even run, the more it gets stronger and it will never stop merging together. When you are trying to reach out to your Twin and they are not listening; many times this is advised that you take a step back not to do the chasing. I’ve mentioned many times with Runner and Chaser stages (in all soul connections) is that the runner runs from their own inflicted previous wounds and the chaser needs to heal and let go of their own insecurities. Many times your Twin Soul is running from fear-based energy that they have been holding on to, and need to let go. You may feel it too, causing you both to work on this energetically. There could also be rejection and abandonment issues for both of you, and these issues have never healed, in many soulmate connections. This will take time because of ego blocking the soul from healing. Runners run because they try to keep their distance, that they know it’s not the right time, they need time to heal and grow. Although you may feel that you are ready, most soulmate relationships, they are both actually preparing and getting ready for the divine union to start. Divine Soulmate and Twin flames recognize that they need to find peace and healing inside themselves. Although consciously they may not except what is given to them, deep inside they are running and trying to find their inner child. As the internal energy between Twin souls amplify, looking for truth and unconditional love, tt creates a push and pull of runner/chaser dynamic. The chords and ties can never be cut or severed in anyway. It is a very extreme energy with emotional pain in the separation that happens with the Divine Soulmate/Twin Flame union. It’s all part of the process with healing and evolving spiritually. Twin flames are faced with the obstacles and chaos that they need to get past before they can find peace. Being separated from your divine twin so, can create a deep feeling of loss inside your soul. This is a time that we need to release and surrender ourselves through this emotional spiritual process. In order to accelerate the energy frequency inside themselves and raise their vibration together. The divine union happens when they first acknowledge who they are to each other by awakening. There is a need to be an acceptance with the both of them first with the spiritual union and then the physical reunion. They both need to work on whatever it is in their lives to become stayers. If one just accepts but the other isn’t ready, they both can work on themselves remotely with telepathically connecting. This usually is done with meditation and sending love and light to help them complete their soul journey.

Full moon Brings Intense energy to Soulmate Relationships.

Full moon this month is on the 9th and in the practical and earthly sign of Capricorn. This Full moon will Bring an intense energy with transformation. The full moon is extremely intense and it will have a big impact on love and relationships. The full moon will be giving out a very powerful radiant energy to all relationships. Especially targeting soulmates and twin flames, spiritual connections will feel the intensity. This is a time you need to be calm and focus on positivity. The energies will be amplified in your life. Meaning if you were going through some type of hurt or anger, you will feel it stronger doing this full moon. Every month we can expect a full moon, not all Will affect does the same way. Full moons create energy into the oceans and usually ERs in hospitals are packed. This is a time when babies are ready to be born and emotional energy’s are flared up during a full moon. Full moons are extremely powerful. Being aware of a full moon is important. And it’s best to have a direct positive intention. This is a coming to an end but starting a new beginning. But the full moon in Capricorn it represents a huge opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth for love. This is especially great for soulmates, twin flames and all spiritual connections. But also be very careful on not to allow the emotional energy to overwhelm you. Many times we can get emotional, feeling very doubtful or Extreme anxiety. The energies are magnified and it’s a good time to focus on your center with meditation. You may feel a very intense energy of emotions with your twin flame. This is the best time for picking up spiritual energy and telepathically communicating with your soulmate. Spiritual energies are taken to a higher 5D frequency. It’s important to focus on your soul center during the full moon and having love in your heart with gratitude. Also take a short break to focus on balancing your spirit. Full moons are the best time for psychic sessions and meditations. This is the best time to start a new diet or exercise routine. Your body has challenges as well. It’s important to get out there and start moving. Focusing on healthy eating and staying away from anything that pollutes or brings toxins in your body. Try to eat clean and limit the amount of caffeine in your body also staying hydrated is very important during the full moon. The full moon is also a great time to start a full body cleanse and detox with fruits and vegetables. The full moon activates positive energy of transformation into your spirit. This is a good time to write down any ideas that you have and focus on new beginnings. The full moon will intensify any relationship that is giving you stress, this is a time to control your temper and not get into any type of deep conversation. This may create a big argument Full of emotions, that could’ve waited until after the full moon which would’ve been just a simple discussion. The full moon in Capricorn will bring emotions very high at this time and it’s best to not allow this transformation erupt in negativity. But instead focus i’m working on yourself with positive energy and affirmations to attract the love that you need in your life. The vibrations will be high and we need to set our intentions into spirits into a higher level to attract positive energy.