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Twin Flames: Can Their Ties Be Cut?

Twin flame ties and cord-cutting

twin flame cord cutting

Is Twin flame actually possible?

I’ve received numerous inquiries on how to cut and sever the ties with your Twin flame. I hear many stories on how people are successful (if it is a true Twin ) but after so long, the pain and hard ache come right back and sometimes even stronger.

Many times a Karmic connection can mimic a Twin flame as well or you find yourself not wanting your Twin to be your true Twin that you were trying to refer it as a karmic connection.

Either way, it is something that is brought to you to make you see and open your eyes and it is part of your soul journey. The feelings and emotions are definitely real and trying to label it will not help matters.

twin flame cord cutting 2

First of all, Twin flames originate from one Soul source and split into two different Souls.

Remember that the Twin flame spiritual journey is about coming together as one and becoming stronger. Revealing their authentic selves to one another as if they were looking into a mirror. Cutting the connection is not the answer, as it would only create more confusion and anxiety.

twin flame social distance

Separation phase

You may ask the question, why do Twin flames need to go to the separation phases in order to be together?

Especially with the pandemic and social distancing. The separation actually helps them to find their inner truth and higher self in order to grow and understand the valuable lessons that they need to learn prior to the divine union. Separation phases can be painful and in many cases, extremely severe.

Separating is not meant to be painful but actually to release and surrender negative energies and old past wounds that need to be healed.

This happens for both Twins, although one can be weaker. This is when it can be the most painful phase.  

Being ready

You and others may have tried to disconnect from these ties. You found out that it wasn’t successful and you were right back to where you started while being more hurt.

Understanding that you can’t successfully cut the ties from your divine counterpart. This is the same for other types of Soulmates in the Collective…

The whole purpose of being brought together with our Soul connections is to gain strength and love deep inside your core center. Either way, these types of Soul connections are never easy.

There’s always mixed energies between them, before coming together as one. The true purpose is to help you find your true center that will teach you about loving yourself. This is all about unconditional love with passion and a beautiful friendship together.


twin flame cord cutting 6

Twin flame connections are attached with a silver record through the Seven Chakras.

They will experience a higher 5G frequency than any other soul connection. The True purpose is to help them to evolve spiritually as they explore more about themselves and what they have ever uncovered in their life.

It’s part of a master plan that they both need to experience either together or separated.

Until they find their inner truth, they will not be able to live under the same roof. This is why many times some type of separation is necessary for them to experience these life lessons separately.

You may ask why does such a beautiful intense connection needs to feel pain?

That’s a good point, however, in order for them to have this total bliss serenity energy together, they must first release their ego and pain that they carry along in excess baggage.

Twin flames are not all about living in a perfect world with total bliss. Although that sounds beautiful and after they have worked on themselves, the vibrational energy is at 5D.

twin flame cord cutting meditation

They correct in one another what is necessary to open up harmony and create balance.

Their divine union is part of a master plan. So there is no way to actually cut the ties except for understanding and working on yourself.

Many times, you will be sent others to help you deal with the pain and agony that you may experience with separation. Everybody serves a purpose and it’s not that you can’t live with your Soulmate, but you must work on yourself no matter how long it takes. You may have questions: “Are we meant to connect in this lifetime?”

When you’re together in this lifetime, there’s always a magnetic pole. Something is wrong with your Twin.

Yes it can happen and yes it can take years. The fact is everyone has a unique and different situation. It’s not good to Compare what you may hear from others and what you read on the Internet.

Yes, it may be very similar, but very unique as I mentioned.

twin flame cord cutting 5

Trying to disconnect and cut the ties with your Divine Soul counterpart is as if you amputated a part of your Soul.

How do I work on myself?

You hear this and have been reading that in order for the divine union to take place, you must work on yourself.

You may wonder what does that means exactly and what are my life lessons? The fact is that nobody can actually tell you what you need to do to work on yourself because it’s the work you must learn from.

For example, if someone came to you and said you need to have more patience in your life and stop complaining.

You automatically would feel very offended and you may or may not say something back to the person, but your ego will automatically defend you. Many times ego is the biggest part we almost work on.

When you surrender and release, you understand that constructive criticism is part of your soul journey. Also, the life lessons that are being brought to you, it’s coming from the divine and no one is actually able to see what those lessons are.

Examining yourself understanding and learning from them is the key. Spiritualist, psychic, life coach, soul coach me be able to help you figure it out, but it’s up to you to take the path and to correct it.

Another reason to become more spiritually inclined with your higher self is to hear the messages and understand what is necessary to take it to the next level to be with your Twin flame.

The leap year 2020 is a very spiritual time. As we are in the psychic sign of Pisces and Mercury retrograde being also in Pisces, there is a lot of spiritual and psychic energy happening in our atmosphere. Especially for divine partners that include Soulmates and Twin flames. Leap years have been a fascinating time for people for many centuries. There are, in many cultures, considered as a lucky omen and a positive year for love. This year February 29th, 2020 has the energy in high gear. You may be feeling a more intense and high vibrational time since the beginning of this year. What does leap year mean for Love relationships? In numerology, it’s best to understand the date and the energy and meaning behind them. The leap year is on February 29th, which represents number two and February is the second month of the year. This forms the number 11, for example, 2+9 = 11, as these numbers have different types of energy. Do you understand it better? The number 11 is a very sacred number for Twin flames. The number 11 actually resonates with Spiritual enlightenment and awakening to spiritual growth. the Leap year is actually a transitional time for releasing negativity and any emotional upsets. Especially being in Mercury retrograde, it’s ideal to let go and release old past wounds in order to make room for new beginnings and open the door for love to manifest in our lives. The numbers 1111 represent spiritual visions, new energy with love, and some very sensitive time for Twin flames. Being in the psychic sign of the zodiac Pisces. This is a very high vibrational time or energy to be picked up psychically and energetically. This is an ideal time to get or receive a psychic reading, crystal healing, and Reiki treatment. The number two represents relation, love, and partnerships. It is about bringing on the energy with faith and trust, keeping everything in perfect harmony and a true balance, as the love blossoms. Now that you know more about the numerology and spiritual meaning of February 29th, you understand the higher energy vibrations that the leap year brings. This will help us all to evolve spiritually and awaken. This will also wake up energies when it comes to love and emotions. Be very cautious about deep conversations with love ones, especially with your divine counterpart (your person). Overall and in conclusion with this year February 29th, 2020, it is a very lucky year. An excellent time to get more in tune with your spirituality and heighten your intuition.

How do I know that they are working on themselves?

If you’re waiting for verbal confirmation, it may be impossible to know. But if you’re more in tune with your higher self and able to telepathically communicate, you will know instantly that something is happening behind the scenes.


Healing meditation is essential. Focusing on the spiritual aspects of divine union, you will know that meditation on a daily basis is essential. It not only helps you find serenity and peace deep inside your core. It can also help you to telepathically communicate and connect with your divine partner.


You will be able to hear the messages and reciprocate back.

This is something very powerful and must be mastered. Either way, it is the way to go with connecting to your higher self and to the divine. Focusing on self-love with lifting your spirit, raising your vibration and most importantly self-care during this time.

No, it’s not easy what is happening in the world today, you are able to get through this as we are all in on it together!

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