Mercury retrograde: Soulmate & Twin flames union

Mercury retrograde, it’s back on 5/29 and ends on 6/22.

This happens about 3 to 4 times a year. Prior to Mercury retrograde, we experience a two-week shadow face along with a two-week post phase.

These phases sometimes can be very intense, especially since they come without warning. The retrograde can bring a lot of intense emotions depending on the type of astrological sign it falls in. This year it will be in Gemini.

Gemini’s are a very intellectual and energetic Sign. They are also ruled by Mercury, which intensifies the energy with Mercury retrograde.

Mercury retrograde can create energetic emotional ships for divine counterparts that include all Soulmates and Twin flames.

These relationships can be more unpredictable than ever during the retrograde. This all revolves around intensity and emotional energy.

That can create miscommunication, but also has a reputation of reuniting Soulmates and Twin flames.

When this planet goes into a retrograde, it gives an opportunity to reestablish and review the areas that it is ruling. For example, it is in its own planets, which intensifies the energy of reuniting old past relationships.

Be aware that when you are trying to communicate with your divine counterparts or loved ones, there can be some miscommunication and misunderstanding. It’s better to wait after the retrograde has passed and even after the shadow phase.

It’s important to keep conversations light and simple during the retrograde. Especially if it is something serious about your relationship.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini affects all love and family relationships.

So if you were born under the sign of Gemini or Virgo, you will feel it more intense than any other sign.

Mercury retrograde amplifies reconciliation with past relationships. This includes all friends including exes, also people you have not seen in years. It can also create emotional energy for relationships that need to be resolved or repaired energetically. For example, if you are experiencing or experienced a relationship that ended, this is a perfect time to reestablish a new connection with your friends.

Mercury retrograde is also a time for completion along with rebirth.

This is a perfect time to complete it and be productive. If you are empathic, you will also feel very intense and in a deep way of other emotions.

Try tuning in energetically between two people and receive the messages.This may make you extremely sensitive and emotional. Your psychic abilities will be heightened and you will be able to feel things stronger energetically.

Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to receive or give a psychic reading. You will be more inclined and opened to the messages and hear what is necessary to be given to you.

Mercury retrograde can be very challenging than other times, so it’s best to focus on the positive.

During the retrograde, electronic gadgets can go a little wonky. So it’s highly recommended that you don’t do anything like purchase something huge that you’ve never had before or sign a new business agreement. The catch here is that if you’ve done these things in the past, you should be fine. But don’t do anything that you have not had or completed in the past.

Just being aware that the retrograde can help you get through it and you can actually be productive in many ways. Don’t look at it as a negative time of the year but something to finish off all projects and start something new for the future.

Everyone experiences some form of Mercury retrograde, by focusing on the positive to work with it, you will be looking forward to it every time it hits.

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