Twin flames : Runner & Chasers – Coming into Divine Union

Twin flames are part of the soulmate connection collective. these connections sent to us in many different forms.

You may have a deep emotional connection that feels intense. Soulmates can be friends or romantic partners, many times even family members. 

Twin flames can understand each other on the same level. Sometimes even share past lives together. Soulmates will come and go into your life.

The twin flame is an intense connection. That is a part of you. It mirrors your soul. You are deeply connected to the core. Twin flames just like regular twins can feel each other’s energy and pain.


Sometimes twin flames can feel chaotic energy because of the fear they carry in a past situation, creating the runner and chaser phases.

Twin flames know each other more than any other being in this world.They are the sole mirror of one another’s insecurities and energy. 

They can reflect on each other‘s emotions. If they are not ready to face their own fear, they can go on through lifetimes trying to come to terms with their shadows. 

Twin flames and always end up together in the long term. Many times it can go through a lifetime trying to re-establish the connection. But they always find each other back home.


This pain can feel abandonment energies and trigger off past emotional conflicts.The separation is actually to help them release negativities in order to come into divine union.

The twin flame separation can bring benefits to the relationship in the long term.When they need to work on themselves, there are things that they need to release, and being together would only cause chaos in negativities between them too.

Twin flames need to analyze their mistakes and how to correct them. Working on themselves simultaneously, they are able to find peace and serenity, preparing and creating balance in their life prior to divine Union.

Separation can take a while, yes it can take years. 

Not everyone wants to hear this but everyone who is dealing with a twin flame separation or has their own soul journey. By achieving the union part of their journey, it’s only the beginning.

There’s so much more work they need to work on with each other. Ultimately becoming a power couple. Adjusting to one another’s needs and knowing what one another needs to stay stable and grounded.

Everything that happens in their lives, is actually a purpose for one another to help each other. This is a soul divine union mission, both twins are preparing to release and surrender, energies that no longer serve them.

There are many different stages when it comes to twin flames.

The first stage is when you first realize there is somebody out there that is going to change your life forever.

The second stage is when you actually find this person. The third stage is when you both can amplify each other on a higher level, getting to know one another. 

Sometimes these stages can also trigger the Runner and Chaser phases, creating separation as I mentioned earlier.You may wonder if a soulmate connection is better than a twin flame? 

Actually, this is not a choice that you can make, it is who you are destined to be with before you are incarnated. Yes, some people don’t meet their twin flame in a lifetime and many will know them right at the very beginning.

Sometimes twin flame relationships can be toxic. Yes, you are mirroring your twin’s weaknesses and negativities.This is when the separation is required for the spiritual awakening and to grow spiritually.


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