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Why Are Twin Flames So Difficult And Painful To Unite?

The Relationship with the Twin flame union is one of the most powerful experiences that anyone can ever have. 

Lions gateway portal activation The Lions gateway portal activation started on 7/26 then peak on 8/8, and then continue until 8/12. This creates intense energy for all divine counterparts. This includes Soulmates and Twin flames. The Lions gateway portal triggers energy from the soul, this activates the energy deep inside the core. This energy will continue to purge through emotions and energies that no longer serve a purpose. Why does the Lions gateway portal happen? It starts on August 8 and then will continue on to August 12. This is when the portal is completely opened and the Sun is in the sign of Leo. There is also the star Sirius coming closer to the Earth into a full alignment. The Lions gateway is a very important time for different reasons. Astrologists are aware of the Lions gateway portal. It brings intense energy shifts targeting the soul connection collective. It is also around the number eight in numerology, making it a very powerful manifestation number that represents authority, money, finances, and abundance of love. It will have an effect on you emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and energetically. This vibration will be heightened in every area of your life. For divine counterparts, it brings very intense energy. Some people may view it as a negative time with all the purging and letting go of negativity deep inside. But actually, for the highest good, it is a positive outcome. The Lions gateway can also bring out the shadows to the surface, releasing and surrendering in order to be healed with love and light. This is also a vulnerable time for many. Especially if you are empathic and highly sensitive. Try to be gentle with yourself and don't let the negativity that you may be picking up from other people settle. During the Lions gateway portal, it will be releasing and healing old past wounds. You will also notice that there will be an increase in a feeling of anxiety, irritability, frustration sometimes, and very deep emotions with a panic feeling. Also, physical elements can happen as well, sore joints and muscles. So be very cautious when you are doing any vigorous activity for the next month. People from your past may be coming back into your life. You will also feel the energy of others very strongly, especially if you are empathic. You may also have visions and dreams, many times nightmares. This could also create a sensitivity to the light if you are prone to migraines and headaches. This is a great time to wear darker sunglasses whenever there is a sun shining. You’ll also notice that your energy is very sensitive during this time. Your feelings may get hurt easily. Especially when it comes to a love relationship that you’re involved in. Try to let go and not allow it to dominate you. Try to hold off any deep discussions for now. Because this can create an argument and disagreement that may result in something very serious. The Lions gateway comes to the Galactic center with an alignment to the Sun Sirius. This is a good time to use these messages that you receive for your highest good. Twin flames field in a higher energetic shift during this time. This is an excellent time to start meditating and getting more in tune with spirituality. Telepathic messages can be reciprocated very easily during the Lions gateway. Paying attention and being aware. Write down the feelings and emotions that you get from your higher self, these may be something that you may need to use in the future. Being cautious with emotions during this time. Keeping yourself protected. This can have an effect on everyone in some type of way. You may be feeling it mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. The energy vibration can be heightened in almost every area. So as the energy is coming through, it is important to remain grounded and surround yourself with white light. Smudging with white sage and Palo Santo. Lots of water in order to cleanse and heal. Be active with circulating energy in the physical body. Getting outside and going for a nature walk, hugging a tree, and walking barefoot in the grass. Twin flames reunion During the Lionsgate way activation, many are separated from their Divine counterparts are able to see the inner truth and open their heart center. This automatically reunites and reconciles the energy back to their Twinflame/Soulmate. Inner shadow is worked on during this time, releasing negative patterns and starting over again. It’s important to stay on a self-care regimen. This will automatically create a better outlook and open to a new beginning. Taking care of yourself by eating healthy, exercising, and drinking lots of water will help the energies align and manifest. At the same time, you will be able to retrieve some messages as I mentioned before with your divine counterpart. You can’t hear your Twin flame communicate with you if you are not taking care of yourself. August is a very empowering and powerful month with rejuvenating and releasing.

Twin Flames go through before divine union, it is the most complex and a very challenging experience.

This involves confusion and emotional pain before they can finally find harmony in their union. This can sometimes be years before they actually do find serenity in their spirits with each other.

When you meet your Twin flame, your life will change 360. Many ask why we have to go through this pain if it is supposed to be such a beautiful relationship.

Twin flame connections are meant to reunite on a permanent basis. But takes time, sometimes years or even decades before they are clear with their paths together.

Twin flames go through lifetime after lifetime searching for each other. Many times they will meet in a lifetime and sometimes they may not. Skipping over to the next lifetime.

As soon as you meet your Twin flame you know that that person is someone that is compelling your spirit down to the core.

The twin flame relationship can feel each other’s energy, even through telepathy.
Not understanding why they are able to send and receive energy in messages.

Twin flame Relationships have a soul mission but before the soul mission can be completed, they need to heal themselves first.There can be a soul contract attached.

They will need to search their soul center and understand there is more work that needs to be done on themselves. There will be a delay with their union. Many times it can be as simple as working with their ego and learning to love themselves in the purest form.

Twin flame relationship is not meant to be a painful process or relationship. 

They are to help each other learn about themselves and bring out their true soul purpose with themselves.

There are different reasons why there are delays, pain and difficulties with reuniting and merging together as one.

You may ask what are the runner and chaser phases? 

When twin flames meet for the very first time. There can be that beautiful honeymoon phase. And as things get deeper and more intense with their relationship, One twin may not be ready to take that step.

Creating the runner and Chaser phase. Where the runner is not exactly running away from there are other half but actually running from their own insecurities and fear.

Awakening process with Twin flames (as well as Soulmates). The Divine union is the ultimate goal for Twin flames. But before Union can take place, they go through a process. This soul journey can involve meeting many different types of karmic energy that can be associated with toxic and chaotic energy.SOME would CALL this A FALSE TWIN. THE TRUTH IS, it is KARMIC ENERGY.Karmics may include energies with low self-esteem and worth. Some are filled with addictions and obsessions. Only for the fact that these issues are associated with us in some type of way.Also you may be involved with someone who is with a karmic relationship. They need to purge, release and surrender.Karmic connections are actually preparing you. To help you release past issues and drama, to connect with our divine soul partner.TWIN FLAMES BRING ENERGETIC FORCES that AWAKEN US. It's a reflection of ourselves with our Twin. It helps us find our spiritual path and brings us closer to our higher self. increasing the love in ourselves and love others unconditionally. Being able to attract abundance with love, self-worth and esteem.Twin flame relationships are all unique and sacred. There is a pattern that tends to happen with divine union.DURING THis PROCESS, YOU WILLbe able to DIG DEEPER INTO EVERy ASPECT OF YOUR ENERGY.Old past wounds, grief, guilt and shame, along with beliefs that no longer serve a purpose in your life. This upgrades the energy level you up to a higher version of you!!You will be able to see each other in a Beautiful Cosmic Star Seed. Your soul awakening to your higher self. TWIN FLAME JOURNEY BEGINS SEPARATELY to WORK ON THEMSELVES. They both learn how to release and surrender internal conflict. Finding their soul path in order to brings themselves closer into union.This is part of their soul purpose as they merge together as one, having self love and unconditional love for others.They prepare their whole life for this divine union. Prior to meeting, they may find themselves with a string of negative relationships filled with drama. They need to learn valuable lessons to grow from them. After meeting your Divine counterpart, you will awaken and things will make more sense. You will see things with clarity. And you still may not be ready for union. There is a preparation prior to the union as you work on yourself simultaneously.THE CHALLENGING STAGE IS about SURRENDERing!Releasing and letting go of emotional internal conflict is the key. Learning how to actually love yourself can be extremely painful and difficult. Knowing that you are not controlling the situation but you are in control of your soul center. Letting go and releasing negativity and at the same time allowing the Universe and divine timing.Surrendering is not about letting go of your Twin flame or Soulmate. But it’s about surrendering ego.  Trying to let go and detach from the situation could make matters worse. If you have a question about your soulmate, twin flame or romantic love interest, fill out the form below and I’m able to tune into your energy. I will email your answer free.

There is the stronger and weaker vessel with the twin flame connection.

The stronger vessel will always be there to try and help the runner get past their fears. Where the weaker vessel is running because they are totally in the dark and confused.

Why does the Runner and Chaser have so much pain? When the simple fact is that they both are “NOT READY“ to come into a divine union just yet. But work on certain factors in their lives equally so that they can unite when they are open and ready to accept this extreme soul bond.

Many times it can take many years causing heartache and pain for the chaser. But at the same time the runner is running from something that they’re lost and in total confusion.

Eventually they have to come to terms in their lives to find themselves and figure it out. Many life lessons are given to both halves in different ways and forms that they have to complete in order to move forward.

The timing may not be predicted because of the work that they need to do and get it right this time.
Many times Soulmate’s can mimic a Twin flame connection. And this can be the most rewarding and difficult experience as well.

So you may think which is better?

Should I look for my twin flame or Soulmate? 

It’s never a good idea to look for any specific type of soulmate connection.

Soulmates are not better choices or vice versa, it’s what destiny has in store for us. 

Many times we are sent to Soulmate in our lives in order to complete our soul mission. When the Twin flame is not destined to enter in this lifetime or later in life.

How do I ease the pain of being the chaser? The first thing you don’t want to do is continue to analyze and figure out what you did wrong in this relationship.

Many times you will beat yourself up without realizing. Especially when you need to be the stronger vessel that sends off positive light to your twin that is running.

Also never go backwards and think about everything that was said and what caused the separation. This can create anxiety and depression.

I highly recommend when you feel this way that you close your eyes and meditate for at least 5 to 10 minutes. This will help you capture your soul center and connect you to the higher self.

You may also receive messages telepathically from your Twin if you are open enough to hear it spiritually.

Always write things down when you do receive a message, they may be flashes in your mind. Or you may just have this deep feeling about something that is happening with your twin.
The main thing is that you listen and play close attention to it.

Remember your Angels and spirit guides are helping you in every way so that you both can heal your Twin flame Soulmate relationship  come together.

It’s a time to love yourself and learn to express  unconditional love to our twin spiritually. Sometimes this can be your life lesson as well. That you are not ready because you need to first embrace and love yourself first.


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