How do I know if I found my Soulmate/Twin flame?

The words Divine counterparts (Twin flames & Soulmates) have been very popular with spiritual connections.

There are more people now who realize and acknowledge they are involved in a Soulmate or a Twin flame love connection.

They know that there is a soul process that needs to be met before they can live in unity. Twin flames are unique and the other half of each other. They were separated prior to entering incarnation in this world. Many times if they are not able to meet in the current life (usually because one is separated through passing away), it will continue on to the next lifetime.

Twin flames don’t always enter the world at the same time. Everyone has one, but many times don’t understand the concept of what a divine partner means.

Twin flames are part of the Soulmate collective but very different from a Soulmate.

They share one another’s soul and can vibrate higher together as one. When we meet a Twin flame, everything falls into place but sometimes it is not always a perfect world.

Twin flames go through a lot of difficulties with connecting to each other. When they are unable to meet their Twin flame, there are other types of Soulmates that are sent to us.Twin flames are not the only main divine counterparts that can experience internal love. There are many different types of Soulmates that experience this higher vibration 5D just as the Twin flames feel.

Twin flames need to work on themselves prior to union.

This work has to take a lot out of them as they need to be sometimes separated from one another. Twin flames can telepathically communicate but need to come into total balance with both divine masculine and feminine energies. Twin flames can share similarities with the Soulmate connection.

Twin flames are part of the Soulmate collective. But every Soulmate that we need is on a different level and intensity with one another. When Twin flames are not available to meet up right away, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put your life on hold when it comes to dating or communicating with other people.

Don’t analyze or try to label each person you meet.

You can have a deep spiritual connection with someone that may not be meant for you for the future but is actually to help you and guide you to your divine counterpart. Meeting your Twin is a soul mission in life and in order to find it, you must explore other relationships.

Sometimes it can mean living with someone having children and a family before meeting your divine counterpart. This may sound like a waste of time or very sad but it is part of life and many times we don’t even realize that we are with someone who is sent to us on a temporary basis.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to leave that person but it is there to help guide you and to help that person as well. This may very well be a soul connection. We have to experience life lessons and spiritual tests in order to evolve spiritually and find our true path with our divine counterpart.

They are connected to you no matter what you may decide to do in your life.

We all have free will. Soulmates can experience just as much energy vibration many times even higher than others. They can also help Twin flames find one another.

More than one Soulmate entering our lives all hold a special purpose that we must not ignore, but follow what your intuition is telling you. Remember many times Twin flames will be ready to meet up at all in a person’s life.

Soulmates will inspire you and motivate you to help you on your soul journey. We can experience negativity and chaos before meeting our divine counterparts. It’s all part of the process that is necessary for us to find true peace and love in our hearts. You must love yourself before you’re able to find your divine counterpart.

Always follow what your heart tells you and not with who you think you’re supposed to be with, analyzing the situation will only make things harder to find true love.

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