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Full Moon & Mercury Retrograde Amplifies healing for Twin flames

Twin flame healing energy is amplified.

At the same time as the full Moon, Mercury goes into retrograde. The full Moon will be in Leo, which will spark up energy for soulmates & Twin flames.

Combined, this will make a huge impact on both Twin flames and Soul connections.
Every month we experience a full Moon, but every full Moon is unique and will affect everyone differently.

This may create some trauma when it comes to the area of love. This is the first full Moon of 2021 and has a very dramatic effect on everyone. Being in the fiery sign of Leo and creating energy that needs attention, it may reflect a lot of egos when it comes to relationships.

This is a time to release and surrender during the full moon. Amplify healing begins during a full moon, especially when it is in the fiery sign of Leo. At the same time, the astrological Sun sign is in Aquarius. Combined with Mercury retrograde, it creates a very powerful event for divine counterparts.

This is a time to start stepping out of the box and take a leap of faith when it comes to opening yourself to a new beginning.

Although with Mercury retrograde you really want to wait until the end of the retrograde. This is a good time to plan and start putting together goals and create positive intentions.

This is also the first retrograde of 2021. There are many changes happening in the World. The retrograde has an influence that starts on January 30th and going into February 20th.
Twin flame‘s and all Soulmate connections are amplified with an energy boost because of this influence.

There is a deep intensity with passion and desire. The fiery sign of Leo represents intensity that may induce drama and chaos. This is the time to stand your guard and prevent any type of upsetting situation that may trigger you to bring up all past wounds.

You may find your feelings getting hurt and more suspicious about what your divine partner is up to.

The healing does happen during this time, there are restless energy and anxiety that is released if you open yourself to it. This is a time to keep calm and be grounded. 
Getting more in tune with spirituality and nature. It is highly recommended to meditate and focus on self-care during this full moon.

Many people cringe when they hear about the Mercury retrograde, but actually, it’s a time to get things done. Especially when you have unfinished projects that have been sitting. This is the time to finally get things done.

Twin flames Runner/Chaser cycle can go through many changes throughout their relationship together. There has been confusion with understanding the Runner and Chaser phase. Twin flames have overwhelming energy when they first meet. There is extreme happiness that can instantly turn to one Twin running from their other half. This can happen without warning at any given moment. It happens mainly because their connection is so intense and one or both may not be ready. Runners think if they run they can disconnect the connection and make it go away. This is a myth! It’s actually the opposite. They are getting together and they come into an intense union as one. It is so extreme that they may not know how to handle it, many times ignoring it, denying and both may try to run from it. Disconnection forces them to examine and search deep inside themselves to uncover their deep dark shadows that may uncover some fear-based energies. Many times, they are unable to face what they are feeling from their divine counterpart, but they are literally running from themselves. The Chaser will feel betrayed and broken-hearted, feeling trapped, and as if they did something wrong. This can be very brutally & painful for both the Runner and the Chaser. The Chaser wants to make amends and try to bring the Runner back into their life. They will do whatever it takes, this love is limitless. Not realizing this can actually do the opposite, by sacrificing their own needs, they are self-sabotaging their own happiness to chase their Twin. Creating even more pain by chasing and trying to find a way to make things right. They both are actually in this together and energetically help one another to come into a full alignment when they work on themselves. This can seem very extreme but it’s actually what brings Twin flames into a divine union. The Twin flame energy mirrors one another. They are both learning valuable lessons and what they need to face to become their authentic self. This happens when they remove the outer layer called the mask. There are also two parts, the divine masculine & the divine feminine. The Runner can be both and as well as the Chaser. It’s best not to label who would be divine masculine or feminine. They can reverse the roles and many times they can reflect on both internally. In the beginning, when Twin flames meet, the Runner normally is the Chaser and vice versa. They both reverse the roles as they finally find one another and as they become more grounded, their roles are reversed once more. Twin flames and including Soulmates need to love themselves in order to find union with their divine counterpart, by examining themselves as they heal and reflecting on what is necessary to let go of dysfunctional energetic patterns.

February is a very powerful month of love and light.

There are incredible growth and powerful energy with divine counterparts. This is an ideal time to get a psychic reading, or give one, meditate, crystal healings, and anything to do with spirituality.

Valentine’s Day is not only just one day of the year, but you can feel this love 365 days a year. Dedicate this month on self-care for yourself and plan a spa day and being with loved ones.

This time of the year can bring a lot of intensity with sadness and hurt when a relationship is on a rocky path.
This has been a very intense time for the divine Soulmate collective. That includes Twin flame and Twin Ray’s. 

There are many energy shifts happening in this World that are pretty cool. This is a time to be more grounded and raising your vibration. This promotes the healing energy for Twin flames. 

With this Moon and Mercury retrograde combined, this will help amplify healing energies so that you will be able to feel and hear the messages coming from your higher self.

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