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Venus Retrograde: Intense Energy With Soulmates and Twin Flames

Venus Retrograde in Gemini in intense for all Divine counter parts.. Twin flames share an extreme connection. There is more than one Soulmate that enters in our lives; many will mimic a Twin flame energy. The truth is that when you first meet your Twin flame, your life automatically makes a 360 degrees change and it will affect your life forever. I’ve been asked several times on how to detach from this divine Soul Connection. Not only with Twin flames but Soulmates as well experience the same headache energy process. Both divine connections Soulmates and Twin flames experience the same energetic surrendering process before coming into a union. The energy will never completely disconnect. We all have free will, we can make our own decisions. Twin flames are divinely connected, many can be romantic and non-romantic. As they energetically work with each other to enhance their greater good to find their higher purpose in life. This is the main reason why it is impossible to detach from your other half. You will find that something will bring you both back together, no matter where you are located in this World. Even by trying to cut the courts it will only make the process much more hearted and complicated. This will create heartache through the process as if there is something missing. Twin flames continuously see spiritual signs and visions. They are both shown this as they are finding the energy compelling. The Universe brings them both into the union when they are both ready. No matter what the current situation is; if they are with other people, it can be complicated and make it difficult to find the divine union if they are both not ready. Divine Soul Connections may not be ready at the beginning, this is why they are sent to each other to work on themselves. This can take years and no one can predict exactly when they are ready. They must first acknowledge what they need to release out of their lives and let go of ego. Everyone has ego, especially if we have been hurt and rejected. There may be emotional trauma and/or issues that need to be worked on, specifically. This will create a protective mechanism to block any type of emotional pain. This is the first key for Soulmates and Twin flames in order to find a union. As they face their fear and release the ego, this can be very difficult and create the Runner & Chaser stages. The biggest question I’m asked is how do I let go of this Twin flame connection? How to cut the ties from my Twin? But the actual questions that are not being truly asked are: How do I stop the pain and release it? How can I help myself and my Twin find peace? The answer is simple! Twin flames just like Soulmates are all connected. They are here to help prepare what is broken and find their serenity together, once they are ready. Regardless if they are in a romantic or non-romantic lifestyle. Sometimes there is emotional baggage that needs to be released and surrendered. There is work to be done regardless. Many times they are in different cultures, countries, there may even be an age difference and certain obligations that make it a little more difficult in the process of coming to a union. The best thing to do is not to try to figure out why they are sent to you but understanding them and what it’s going to take an order for the union to happen. Why are you two not in a union? You have to try and ask yourself: is there something blocking you from achieving eternal freedom? Are you connecting with your higher self and understanding what you need to do today? I’ve mentioned ego in the past and that is the biggest factor when it comes to divine union. The separation process is painful, but when they are not clear on what they need to do in order to clear the blockages, this can go on for a very long time. Until they realize and find what they need to do, they will be faced with challenges through separation. When they are together, they may not find peace with one another. This is the main reason why separation is necessary for then to work on themselves. Disconnecting from your Twin flame or Soulmate This may sound easier than it is. You may try to convince yourself, but it will not be permanent. Whatever the situation is, it’s all about getting past the ego and coming into a total alignment within your Soul center. Finding your true path and purpose is the key for the divine union to happen. Twin flames and divine partners are joined on the Soul path journey together. They cannot disconnect with one while the other is still working. This experience creates highs and lows and anxiety. The energy they feel will reciprocate back-and-forth. Coming into alignment with spirituality and meditation is the key. Finding the best ways to ease the pain and open yourself to the bigger picture of the situation. When the awakening is about to happen, you will find yourself searching and seeking answers on why you’re going through all this pain along with signs and visions. The best thing to do is let it happen, release and surrender, by leaving it to God, the Universe and focusing on your higher self to help find your path.

Venus, the planet of peace beauty and harmony, will affect your love life.

Venus goes into retrograde on 5/13/2020 and will continue until 6/25/2020. It will be under the astrology sign of Gemini. This is going to create a very intense energy with all divine counterparts, which includes Soulmates and Twin flames. The emotions will be extremely high, as Venus will be in retrograde, and you will notice a difference in how you feel in your relationship, and vice versa. Being a Gemini, this is going to create a double emotional type of energy as Gemini are the ruler of the Twins, especially when it comes to Twin flame connections. Be mindful of your words and actions. Emotions will be heightened so you may find yourself feeling anxious about your relationship, and also by checking social media and coming to conclusions too fast.

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Commitments and relationships

During the retrograde, it is highly recommended not to make any sudden commitments. Getting engaged and making plans are perfectly acceptable, but keep in mind that sometimes these plans may not follow through. The same goes for breaking up or coming to terms with the relationship. Emotional energy is going to be all over the place, especially for Twin flames, and this can also be a blessing in disguise as they find themselves coming to the union during the retrograde, and it is more intense for them both.

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Past relationships coming back?

During Venus retrograde, keep in mind that many times old relationships and past lovers resurface and sometimes can trigger past old wounds. This is a time to come to terms within your heart and make peace with the situation.

Nostalgic energy during Venus retrograde.

The energy is extremely high for both Taureans and Librans which are ruled by Venus. If you have any of these in your astrology chart, you will find yourself being affected by this Venus retrograde even stronger. Venus, love, peace, beauty, and harmony. Did you know that going backward in retrograde can trigger emotional energy into anger with your Twin flame?

Amplifying emotional energy For divine counterparts.

  Communication is necessary for a healthy relationship. Getting to an understanding and talking it out. Just be cautious with the words that you use and don’t take anything personally like both of you may be triggered in different ways. Venus retrograde will also bring out inner truth when it comes to love relationships, so you may find out things about your partner and vice versa. It’s a very difficult time for everyone during this pandemic, as we are all social distancing and not able to travel and be out and about as we were before. Coming to terms with your relationship and keeping the communication flowing is extremely important during this time.

New beginnings with love and changes happen during the retrograde as they are being accelerated.

Keep in mind that retrograde can make you crave Sweets. Venus retrograde will trigger a sweet tooth more than normal. Just try to be mindful of your eating habits, especially during this time as we are coming into the summer months and preparing for new beginnings. For a limited time, I’m offering one free question. This is one per person (just to be fair).


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