Challenges with the Soulmates & Twin Flame Unions

The Divine union process with all soulmates and Twin flames is a very challenging and confusing experience.

I do have many articles on several of my blogs that explain the different types of soulmate connections such as twin flames, karmic connection, past life, Twin Rays and many others.

I highly recommend that you never good to go searching for specific soulmate that feel best fits your needs. Soulmate Connections are sent to you randomly throughout your lifetime and many times are not meant for lifetime partnership. That actually help you grow and develop your spiritual energy to a higher 5D level.

No matter the type of spiritual connection you share with someone. They all go through many different phases with unpredictable chaotic and intense vibrations with coming to a divine union.
Soulmate energy is basically very equal to one another. Though we do experience more intense vibrations with certain types. If there is past lives negativity it can intensify their energy in this current lifetime. Experiencing extreme difficulty with reuniting along with past life karma that needs to fulfill in order to come together. Not everyone is going to experience this. This is very common with Twin souls and Twin flames.
Many are actually involved with Soulmate and the energy can mimic the energy that Twin Flames can go through.

There are life lessons that they need to go through in order to find themselves into harmony. Twin ray is also a type of soulmate that can mimic the intense vibrations of a Twin flame. Yet it feels so much more enlightening and easier when it comes to love romantic relationship.

There are many different types of soulmates, and I can go on this topic, it’s best that you look through my other blogs and articles that are posted to understand that all Soulmates are not all the same. Many times they go through more than one lifetime trying to find peace and repair karmic energy before they find harmony with a divine union.
Preparing for the perfect Union. Soulmates will go through heartache and pain with different types of spiritual and non- spiritual relationships until they do find their divine soulmate.

This deep soul connection may not exactly be the Twin Flame, but they can share something very powerful and magical energy with someone who is meant to be with them in this lifetime as their divine Partner.

If you are still searching and having difficulties with finding your soulmate. The best thing to do is stop looking and keep your mind open. Not looking at every relationship as a potential life partner, but embracing the time you spend with that someone. This will help you build relationships and raise your vibrations. You will meet your divine Soulmate when you least expect it.

Loving yourself is the first step with uniting or reuniting with your divine partner. In order to find true happiness and achieve a 5D level. You need to first raise your vibrations.

To raise your vibration see you first must start loving yourself thinking positive and focusing on yourself. Sometimes it sounds easier than it is, but it’s not. When you love yourself you’re automatically sending out love to everybody around you. It becomes contagious and you will attract the perfect love and divine Partner into your life. Even if it is someone you haven’t met yet or a relationship that is coming to divine union.

Sometimes it can take several months and even years. There may be difficult challenges and obstacles, this is part of the process. The best thing to do is not put a timeframe on it. This is part of the Soul journey and you both on a mission to come together into a divine union when the time is right.