Working through August 2017 Energy Shifts

Energy shifts throughout this whole month has got to be the most energetic and dynamic energy we have all seen in a long time.
First it started with the Lionsgate portal along with the lunar eclipse. A few days later we go right into Mercury retrograde and then not to mention we are also in Uranus retrograde at the same time. With all of the shifts combined everyone is feeling it and wondering how to cope with it. Soulmate and Twinflames feel it the strongest at this time.

That not it, there is the very powerful and amazing Solar eclipse approaching us on August 21, 2017, this is going to be one of the most spectacular and beautiful solar eclipse’s. Most people will not be able to see the full solar eclipse, but everyone will definitely feel that magnetic energy.

These energy shifts are not all meant to have a positive twist with them at the beginning. Many people are going through purging with negativities and especially those who are involved in Soulmate and twin flame relationship situations that involve challanges.

Many of the shifts have different types of affects on all of us, not everyone is going to feel the same. Many are going through break ups or separations, while some are finding new beginning’s with love.

Everyone’s situation is unique and not everybody is going to feel the same energy shift. For many this is the beginning of something that is going to start forming and manifesting in the coming months. Many people will feel a complete change and a renewal.

It’s been a busy month for me and I’ve been asked this question by numerous people of how to cope with these energy shifts and when the change will happen.
I said I don’t have all the answers I can only describe of what is to come and The transformations you are experiencing.

Many people are trying to block these changes because of past emotions and the one thing with Mercury retrograde, it makes it difficult to get comfortable in any type of change that you were approaching.

Many people are resisting it and trying to understand it which we all are, but you need to focus on your situation and The beneficial reason that you’re not completely aware of and for these changes.

Sometimes with an energy purge you may feel a feeling of sadness and almost as if you were sick to your stomach. This is because there is so much spiritual energy helping you transform to shift from the old energetic to the brand new magnified energy of you.

There’s healing work that needs to be done and coming to terms with past emotions and negativities by letting them go and allowing the transformation to begin.

When it comes to soulmates, it’s never an easy time specially if you’re involved in a twin flame relationship. There are several transformations that are happening between you both, To allow the renewal to happen and the shifts to manifest you to come into a divine union. Although many of you may be coming close to the time of your reunion or many of you are preparing for this at a later time.

This is the time to just release whatever no longer suits you in your life and let go. That doesn’t necessarily mean a person that is distant from you, but letting go of the anger and the negativity that you may be holding onto. Sometimes this is part of the work that is necessary to help you come to the divine union with your soulmate.

Focus on yourself working on you, if you’re feeling stressed or having issues about a situation, this is the time for you to take a step back and let the universe help you with your transformation.