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The Soulmate / Twin flame Union Process Healing

Divine soulmates and twin flames can go through many challenging times when they are in the process of Union. Their separation is part of the process and sometimes, it can be unbearable and extremely painful. They are releasing and surrendering energies in order to reunite. As they mirror and reflect one another’s issues and fear-based energies, it continues on a vicious emotional cycle that seems endless with emotional pain while past wounds are brought up to the surface. When you are apart from your twin flame, this is helping the both of you to heal on your own in order to understand what you both have been holding onto and released. The energy with connecting and disconnecting goes into a deep intensity that helps you both to awaken and come to a sacred balance with one another. Even though you two may be apart, the compelling energy that you two share will bond your souls together. This can also repeat itself over again if both souls are not ready. So you may think that you are completely open and ready, that you have released all that you needed to release, this is when you will discover that there is more to come. Both of your spirits need to evolve healing and let go of past emotional negativities, either in this life or previous lifetimes. You will experience many things that your twin is feeling and vice versa. The both of you will find that you are experiencing things simultaneously but separated. As you both find your paths, the energy can shift and reunite, these are things that you are trying to create a bridge with and to bring you closer to your twin. That seems to be a struggle every time you initiate. You will find that it has to start first on focusing and on working on you. Divine union can only happen when both of you are ready to emerge as one. It is very common for both twin flames too be in the runner stages. They both may feel completely consumed emotionally by this intense connection and at the same time lost on which way to turn to. So they both are running from something that they completely don’t understand but know that something is about to happen. Runners and chasers are actually both runners. It’s very difficult to change what you feel in your Heart. You will feel intense energy that you know is something that is meant for you and vice versa. This is what creates the runner phase in both twin flames (soulmates too). Both are searching for the exact same thing, as you two are looked in each other eyes when you first met, you can see the Mirror of your authentic self and soul.. deeper than you have ever felt with anyone in the past There is a deep bond that is felt throughout your whole body and spiritual magnetism that you feel is raising your vibration, for the both of you. This is when your soul consciousness wakes up and you’ll actually see your life completely different. Your life will change taking a 360 degrees and things will never be the same from what you thought was your soul path. It’s a very beautiful and blissful experience, but also getting there can bring on the most painful emotional energy that you will ever feel in your life. There’s a divine purpose of why both of you must go through your own Life lessons and soul journeys on your own in order to find your authentic selves and to be together. Being together will only cause negativity and triggered up past wounds; which need to be released and healed. Working apart will actually help both of you find your soul centers. Many times, it can be while meeting other people in order to get there, sometimes being with other people will help you realize how much you need your other half. Though you may be more awake and may not need to go through that extreme but your twin might have to… I know that this is a painful and very sensitive subject, but many people go through the distance for many years before they do come into a divine union. This is when we need to focus on who we truly are and our authentic identity, everything that has happened in our past and what we need to do to heal ourselves to a higher level. It’s best not to obsess over what should’ve happened and think about the past, in order to move forward and focus on what you need to do to make things better in your life. The main focus is letting go of what was, live in the present moment, the here and the now. Focusing on positivity and looking at your life optimistically for the future, knowing that things happened for a reason in order for you to get stronger to who you are today. This will also be reciprocated back to your divine Soulmate, focusing on positive energy has a strong affect by helping your other half. Your divine partner is afraid of the connection because of who they were, because of the ego identity that they need to release and how they need to change internally to evolve spiritually. This may involve them hitting rock-bottom, finding the dark areas in theirs and your life that need to be eliminated in order to move forward. Though you may hear things about your divine partner or twin flame from friends, colleagues or even on social media, it’s all about what they need to do in order to get it right.

Most everyone today is aware of soulmates and many are still searching for their divine partner.

Though it is never good to go searching for a specific Soulmate or your Twin flame. Actually they will enter in your life when you least expect it.

Your heart sends out love and attracts the right person to enter in your life for the time being. Sometimes it may not be a soulmate but someone to help you to feel positive inside and get through life.

You will also go through difficulties with relationships, dating and challenges trying to feel love. You may also start finding yourself single instead being with your Twin flame, feeling alone and no one to turn to. This is very common and definitely not permanent

This is only because you both are not ready for anything more just yet. There is a healing process that has begun, and before this process starts there is a certain purging of negativities. In order to cleanse and purify your life. Preparing you for the soul union with your divine partner.

The both of your souls are embraced with a higher frequency of love vibrations.

When we merged with our Twin flame, it has to be in perfection. Because we love them unconditionally merging of the two souls can happen at any time.

Many times we are not meant to be with the Twin flame, so we are sent to live a life with the Soulmate Connections, having high vibrations, deep compatibility an everlasting love for that person.

Meeting your Twin flame for the first time.

You both will unexpectedly meet and instantly know that this person is someone special that you will never forget. Although you may not remember why or how you do know them, there is an intense magnetic force pulling you two together.
This is felt on both sides and not just on one.

Many times you first meet your Twin flame and instantly and want to run the opposite direction, because the intensity of the energy is so strong, but then realize that this is something that you need to explore and develop together.

This instantly your life has changed forever. This energy that you both share is so intense that you will not stop thinking about them. You then realize that you feel the awakening happening and know that this person is your Twin flame without a shadow of a doubt.

This love will only increase as time goes on, and get stronger. Many times if you were away and apart from your twin. There can be an anxiety feeling,start building up. Sometimes feeling terrified of losing him or her.

You may feel you’re scared that he or she may have lost that connection, but nothing can disconnect Twin flames. These feelings that you’re having are very common.

Twin flames have to be ready for this intense relationship. If the both of you put too much energy at the very beginning and if one of you isn’t completely aware. It automatically creates the runner and chaser stages, since twin flames have to be ready for this intense relationship.

This happens when one of the twins is not a awakened and not ready The divine union of the twin flame connection. The runner and chaser stages can also happen with Soulmate Connections, but more common with twin flames since there is a lot of challenges inside their reunion.

If you ever ask a Twin flame runner what is the reason they are running? They will not be able to answer that, I was also a runner in my Twin flame connection.
I know that being afraid did not make it any much easier than with the chaser goes through with trying to find their twin.

The Twin flame runner does not know what is actually happening, it’s almost like they feel lost and trapped deep in their heart trying to get out, feeling all alone.
No matter how much the chaser can tell the runner that it’s going to be OK, they have to be ready to find out for themselves.

The runner will try to avoid the chaser and sometimes find another relationship just to hide from their inner spirit and truth.

The chaser will be hurt, but will still love the runner unconditionally.
Even though they are apart the twin flame chaser will always welcome back the twin flame runner when they are ready to unite.

Even if The chaser tries to block their feelings, try to cut the cords and ties. This will never work. It would only make matters worse because you will feel their energy even stronger.

The truth of the situation is that the runner can run and try to move on over and over.
And yes this can sometimes go on for years. But ultimately the runner will finally realize that their other half is right in front of them. Even though they are apart there’s a constant healing energy that is constantly trying to bring them to back together into a divine union.

You will find different people sent to you in your lifetime, many times they are just life lessons trying to help you get through to make an impact in your life and living your life to the fullest is the ultimate goal. Getting more with spirituality and meditation helps with connecting the mind, the heart your soul center to your divine partner.
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  1. Thank you for the information you provided
    It makes a lot of very good sense & I don’t thing too many people are aware of just how & why you can feel so connected with someone & yet end up disappointed and confused
    Good luck in your journey

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