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The Differences between Soul mates, Karmic and Twin flame connections.

Soulmate and Twin Flame Connections explained, to help give a better understanding on the Difference between Soul mates, Karmic and Twin flame connections.

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There’s all different types of spiritual connections but also connections are not the same.

Each soul connection has a different purpose in our lives and not everyone of them Will be a beautiful magical experience.

This is been a very common word lately “Soulmates” and often used almost in every Conversation when discussing love relationships.

And this may be true since we do have more than one soulmate that enters in our life, but not all are positive love experiences.

Actually the soul mate word represents a soul friend, someone that helps us find our path and help us get to our goals.

They are not perfect but sometimes we can feel perfect in our lives after meeting a certain type of soulmate.

I will explain the different types to help you understand why they enter in our lives and what their meanings are.

Soulmate companions which can be lifelong partnership’s, life friends, co-workers and even family members.

Since we have more than one it’s best never to go looking for a specific type, sometimes people are not our soulmate, but we have an attraction and share chemistry with them, that in return will help us to find our soulmate.

Soulmates can come and go in our lives and sometimes without warning they can create a very strong impact in our lives that sometimes leads us to the “ONE” that is meant to be a life partner.

There are also karmic, past lives connections and twin flames that are part of the Soulmate group.

Karmic connection means that you have a soul bond with this person and there is some unfinished karma that you have had either in your life or a previous life. These relationships sometimes don’t always end up together, can create a lot of intensity and drama.

Many mistaken this type of connection as a Twin flame, but was actually somebody that you needed to find a direction and closure.

Past lives, This is when you know you have met this person before and it feels as if you know this person forever it could be anyone will you meet it does not necessarily how to be romantic union.

A Twin flame, these types of connections are very intense and very strong when it comes to feeling them spiritually and telepathically.

Twin flames is one spirit split into two at the very beginning of time before they have entered in their lifetime together.
Twin flames can have challenges with reuniting and finding positive and harmonious union together.

We all have a Twin flame, but not all will find their twin flame in this lifetime. Sometimes they need to go through a series of life times with life lessons in order to find their true path. It’s a 50-50 ratio that they will actually meet and come to a union together.

While we only actually have one twin flame, many people believe we have 7 twin flames, I strongly DISAGREE, this is only a theory and found that they are mistaking karmic and soulmate connections for the Twin Flame.

“False Twin happens” when there is deep intense connection with a karmic connection and deep attraction, this type of connection is very toxic and dramatic, it doesn’t go very well as in terms of relationships.

Twin flames can also go through the runner and chaser stages before they actually do connect, now I do have many different types of blogs and articles also videos explaining the Runner and Chaser phases. I will post the links to my blogs below.

I’ve been asked several times can twin flames actually make it together and come to a divine union and the answer is absolutely!

Twin flames are meant to be back together as one, many times it has to go through a cycle where they find lifelong challenges in order to detox and purge out negativities. The have to work on themselves.

Many times this can be very extreme to the point where they feeling anxiety and many times it can feel as if it’s constant agony in their spirits.

But sooner or later they still find one another and come to the divine union when they are both ready.
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