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The Differences between Soul mates, Karmic and Twin flame connections.

Soulmate and Twin Flame Connections explained, to help give a better understanding on the Difference between Soul mates, Karmic and Twin flame connections.

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There’s all different types of spiritual connections but also connections are not the same.

Each soul connection has a different purpose in our lives and not everyone of them Will be a beautiful magical experience.

This is been a very common word lately “Soulmates” and often used almost in every Conversation when discussing love relationships.

And this may be true since we do have more than one soulmate that enters in our life, but not all are positive love experiences.

Actually the soul mate word represents a soul friend, someone that helps us find our path and help us get to our goals.

They are not perfect but sometimes we can feel perfect in our lives after meeting a certain type of soulmate.

I will explain the different types to help you understand why they enter in our lives and what their meanings are.

Soulmate companions which can be lifelong partnership’s, life friends, co-workers and even family members.

Since we have more than one it’s best never to go looking for a specific type, sometimes people are not our soulmate, but we have an attraction and share chemistry with them, that in return will help us to find our soulmate.

Soulmates can come and go in our lives and sometimes without warning they can create a very strong impact in our lives that sometimes leads us to the “ONE” that is meant to be a life partner.

There are also karmic, past lives connections and twin flames that are part of the Soulmate group.

Karmic connection means that you have a soul bond with this person and there is some unfinished karma that you have had either in your life or a previous life. These relationships sometimes don’t always end up together, can create a lot of intensity and drama.

Many mistaken this type of connection as a Twin flame, but was actually somebody that you needed to find a direction and closure.

Past lives, This is when you know you have met this person before and it feels as if you know this person forever it could be anyone will you meet it does not necessarily how to be romantic union.

A Twin flame, these types of connections are very intense and very strong when it comes to feeling them spiritually and telepathically.

Twin flames is one spirit split into two at the very beginning of time before they have entered in their lifetime together.
Twin flames can have challenges with reuniting and finding positive and harmonious union together.

We all have a Twin flame, but not all will find their twin flame in this lifetime. Sometimes they need to go through a series of life times with life lessons in order to find their true path. It’s a 50-50 ratio that they will actually meet and come to a union together.

While we only actually have one twin flame, many people believe we have 7 twin flames, I strongly DISAGREE, this is only a theory and found that they are mistaking karmic and soulmate connections for the Twin Flame.

“False Twin happens” when there is deep intense connection with a karmic connection and deep attraction, this type of connection is very toxic and dramatic, it doesn’t go very well as in terms of relationships.

Twin flames can also go through the runner and chaser stages before they actually do connect, now I do have many different types of blogs and articles also videos explaining the Runner and Chaser phases. I will post the links to my blogs below.

I’ve been asked several times can twin flames actually make it together and come to a divine union and the answer is absolutely!

Twin flames are meant to be back together as one, many times it has to go through a cycle where they find lifelong challenges in order to detox and purge out negativities. The have to work on themselves.

Many times this can be very extreme to the point where they feeling anxiety and many times it can feel as if it’s constant agony in their spirits.

But sooner or later they still find one another and come to the divine union when they are both ready.

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Soulmate – Twinflame Runner & Chaser Explained


The soulmate connection at the base of it all

We can connect with happiness and be comfortable with that person with a very little effort (there is more work with Twin flame). We find ourselves in a very compatible type of love relationship and partnerships.

There is the karmic soulmate connection where you feel a very intense feeling for that person which come in your life to help you and teach you things. Sometimes the lessons can be extremely painful but is necessary to go thru those to grow spiritually.

Twin Souls or Twin Flames connection

There is an instant compelling attraction of energy where the spiritual energy of two spirits connect over time, over a certain distance and most of the time over the years. Usually, there is an initial meeting of Twinflames; one half is more spiritually “awakened” and the other half may need time to awake… this can take time.
There is always one half who is the strongest vessel. After realizing that the two half have more energy to share together, this often refers to the chaser who is always looking for answers like “why things ended the way they did”… never having closure.

Twinflames can remain in contact, but more likely the two that have broken apart and are separated for many years are working on their own, living & dealing with their own karma with other situations before being able to reunite, after many years.


The Chaser is able to feel the intensity of this relationship; he understands that it is extremely special. This feeling is always a lingering feeling that even himself, the chaser, doesn’t consciously know what to expect.

The intensity of love that the chaser feels for their twin flame is a lot more than they have ever felt before. When the Twinflame Runner just decides to run away without any warning, the chaser will feel an intense emotional surge of energy and this is usually way more than they can handle.

At this point, they will do almost anything to help out and to get back together with the Runner.


 The pain from those past lives comes back when the Runner runs away

The Chaser knows that there is a deeper meaning to their love relationship and that they need be together. he has a feeling inside that everything fits like a puzzle, that both of them complete each other.

There can be an emotional pain, even more when there are reminders, like memories of previous past lives when they were disconnected (be sure to read my previous post about Past life Soulmates).

 The Chaser might be confused, he or she might not even be able to understand why this is so strong and why he has never felt this way with anyone else? And all this will continue, waiting for the Runner, knowing that he can’t lose the Runner in this life time… no matter what.

That is when an awakening happens; understanding the sacred intensity of this relationship, of this connection and finally understanding that Twinflames belong together, no matter what. This is very difficult for the Chaser and this takes time. Once the runner phase is over and that the Runner realizes where they both are at… they will actually return to each other in order to be reunited.

With everything the Twinflame Chaser is going through, the runner will return

They are created and meant for each other and as long as they both are on Earth, anything or anyone can take them away. Twinflames are connected by an eternal sacred soul bond, connection that never ends or neither can be broken.

Twinflames will come back to each other once they are fully ready to handle the intensity of this connection. It can take some time and chasing him or her is not going to speed things up.

During the connection process, both Twin souls need to remain strong. Twin flame connections never happen at the most convenient or “right” time, where they are usually already in committed relationships, having money issues, and living miles apart; there are many practical reasons why those two shouldn’t be together. Very commonly, it can also be a drastic difference in age, cultures or religion… the list goes on but they still manage to be together no matter what the circumstances are.


Relationship between Twin flames are extremely spiritual and you must understand everything that you can about twinflame relationships; the more you explore your own spirituality and the easier it becomes.

You can read more about story with me being the Runner in my Twin Flame connection

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